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A Brazilian butt lift surgeon in San Fransisco will be able to help you understand the purpose of this surgery.  Your surgeon will inform you that a Brazilian butt lift, also referred to as a buttock augmentation, is fast becoming a common cosmetic procedure that seeks to improve the shape and size of a patient’s buttocks so that it better fits his/her figure and also offers an appealing and fuller backside.


If you’re thinking about butt lift surgery, you will likely have a number of questions.  We have collected some of the most frequently asked concerns about a buttock surgery procedure below.  Always  consult with your Brazilian butt lift surgeon in San Fransisco, CA before undergoing treatment.

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Need a Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor in San Francisco, California?

We have you covered whether you’re looking for a butt augmentation or another cosmetic procedure in the San Francisco area.  Call us and we can provide you with the right information to help you make an informed decision.  Read below for more information about gluteoplasty surgery.

What is a Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift (also known as a gluteoplasty and/or buttock augmentation) is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes liposuction to extract fat cells from one area of the body and have it injected into the buttocks.  In other instances, a surgeon may recommend butt implants to help increase the size and shape of the bum.Brazilian butt lift San Francisco


Butt augmentation surgery is mainly used on patients who have sagging or loose skin in the butt area.  It is also employed on those who may also have a disproportionate or asymmetrical backside and wish to have a more fuller butt.  As a result of buttock surgery, a client can expect to have a more rounded and smoother bum which in turn can assist with someone’s self-esteem.

 What is the Procedure for Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

Your Brazilian butt lift surgery will take one of two forms – the first option is by means of a butt implant, the second option is by fat transfer. Your doctor will be able to provide guidance on which approach will work best for you.

In the first procedure, your specialist will make in incision in the upper area of your buttock and will insert a specially designed silicone implant to enhance the contours of your bum “cheeks”. The incision when then be sutured and surgical tape is applied to the region. Your surgeon will be able to advise the size and shape of the implant based on your discussion with him or her.

The second procedure involves fat grafting which is performed by making an incision in an area of the body that has excess fat tissue and extracting it through a liposuction technique. Next, your surgeon will make a small incision in your buttock area and will then transfer the fat to that region giving you a fuller bottom.

The factors that will determine which approach is used will depend largely on your existing buttock size and shape, the amount of fat that you have on the body, and the overall quality and elasticity of your skin.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Buttlift?

In order to be considered for a butt augmentation surgery, individuals should typically be in good health physically and also emotionally.  Women should not be pregnant nor be nursing a child.  Moreover, an ideal candidate should also be free of any heart conditions and lung problems.

Patients who satisfy the above noted assumptions are most likely to have a positive surgical outcome.  During your preliminary assessment with your plastic surgeon, he or she will certainly carry out a physical, in addition to a mental/emotional test to identify if this treatment can give you what you are looking for. So be sure to be totally straightforward with your physician. Failure to do so could result in an unsatisfactory outcome, in addition to a greater potential for risks and/or difficulties.  It is also important that you are honest with yourself and have a realistic view of the procedure.



How Much Does Buttock Augmentation Cost in San Francisco?

Butt lift surgery will vary in cost based on several factors such as the skill and experience of the doctor, the size  of the city you are in, the type of specific treatment required, and extra expenses related to the surgery.  In general, you can expect to spend between $5,000 – $7,000 for a butt lift.  On average, most cosmetic surgery associations, suggest an average price of $6,500.  Given the costs for this cosmetic treatment, many patients may look for the aid of funding to pay for their plastic surgery treatments since insurance providers may not cover the procedure.  It’s important to speak to your doctor about funding options.

What is the Recovery Time for BBL Surgery?

Following a Brazilian butt lift surgery, patients can expect to experience pain and see visible swelling and bruising in the area surrounding the buttocks.  Recovery time from a butt lift can take several weeks until you resume your daily routine, so you need to be patient. You will likely find it difficult to walk and you won’t be mobile during the first two to three weeks.  san Francisco butt lift doctorYour doctor will ask you to wear a bandage and a compression garment around the bum region for the first couple of weeks to assist in the healing process and will also be asked to sit on a special cushion. It is also important at this time that refrain from sitting for prolonged periods of time during the first few weeks.

Your butt augmentation surgeon will recommend that you take at least two weeks off from work and your regular duties, including about six to eight weeks off of exercise activities and lifting heavy objects.  The best treatment at this stage is rest to help alleviate the initial swelling from the surgery.  Your doctor will also provide some guidance on how to care for your body as well as the types of medications you should take orally to assist with the healing. After the first two to four weeks you will find noticeable improvement and will be able to move and feel much better.


It is important that you follow the instructions of your doctor carefully and report any issues to him or her immediately.  Remember, it may take several months for the swelling to fully dissipate from the surgical area.  Your new bum will slowly take on its new shape as the swelling reduces over time.  It is important that during this period you remain positive and follow the guidance of your doctor



Risks Associated with Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

With most operations, there are specific risks and complications connected with Brazilian butt lift treatment.  Several of the most notable include:
  • Adverse response to anesthetic;
  • Blood clots;
  • Pain and numbness;
  • Bruising;
  • Swelling and soreness;
  • Bleeding and nerve damage.
To learn if you are at vulnerable to any of the above complications, be sure to speak with your plastic surgeon in San Francisco, California, who is trained to perform the procedure. During the discussion, make certain to ask the surgeon of the risks and complications so that you are aware of the medical risks/side impacts.  It is also important that you feel confident in your physician’s skills before undergoing the treatment.  Of course, a mistake made by your doctor could also lead to complications as well. Fortunately, substantial complications from butt lift procedures are low.


Your Plastic Surgeon Consultation

In your quest to find a certified cosmetic surgeon to perform your buttock surgical treatment, your should take into consideration the following – Does he or she:
  • Have adequate training and medical experience with the procedure?
  • Are they certified by an accredited plastic surgery board?
  • Perform the procedure in a safe medical facility?
  • Provide before and after pictures of their previous butt lift procedures?
  • Offer you the option of consulting with their past individuals?
  • Do they specialize in butt augmentation surgery?
Since a butt lift can be considered a serious operation, it is very important to select the most effective surgeon that is right for you.  Afterall, you will investing a large amount of time with your doctor, so it is best that you are comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon.


Some things that you might seek include a doctor who friendly and pleasant, alert to your needs, understands your situation, and also able to give you the attention that you need and are entitled to.  If, for any kind of reason, you are dissatisfied during your consultation with a plastic surgeon, proceed searching up until you locate the physician who possesses every one of the qualities that you desire in a doctor.


Questions to Ask Your San Francisco Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor?

For a basic list of questions to ask your cosmetic surgeon concerning his or her background, to discover plastic surgery safety and security, find below some general and  specific questions that you should discuss with your butt lift specialist.  You may also want to get more information from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or the California Medical Board or from the City of San Francisco.
  • Am I a great prospect for a Brazilian butt lift? If so, why?
  • Are the outcomes I am looking for affordable and then practical? san francisco butt lift cost
  • Do you have before-and-after images I can consider for the treatment I am undergoing?
  • In my instance, how will the surgery be performed?  Which method?
  • Will my marks show up? Where will my marks be located?
  • What sort of procedure/technique do you suggest for me?
  • What type of anesthesia do you recommend for me?
  • What will be the expenses related to my surgery?
  • What will you expect of me to obtain the most effective outcomes?
  • What sort of recovery duration can I anticipate and when can I return to normal activities?
  • The number of added implant-related operations can I anticipate over my lifetime?
  • Exactly what are the dangers and then issues related to my treatment?
  • Just how are difficulties taken care of?
  • Exactly what are my alternatives if the aesthetic result of my butt lift does not satisfy the goals we agreed on?

It is very important that you find a butt lift specialist in San Francisco who has a positive track record with various cosmetic procedures.  Call us and we will put you in touch with the top buttock augmentation surgeons in San Francisco, CA, who will meet your personal goals.

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