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If you’re thinking about a nose job, a rhinoplasty expert in Atlanta will be able to help you understand the objective of the surgery.  Your nose specialist will educate about rhinoplasty treatment, also referred to as nose surgery, which is a common cosmetic treatment that seeks to reshape the nose by reducing or changing the dimension and appearance of the nose.  Additionally, this treatment can assist to correct breathing issues and enhance your overall self-image.

We have collected some of the most often asked issues regarding nose surgery treatment listed below.  It’s important that you speak with your rhinoplasty surgeon in Atlanta, GA before undertaking treatment.

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Searching for a Rhinoplasty Specialist in Atlanta?

If you are in need of a nose job surgeon in Atlanta we have you covered.  Contact us and we can provide you with a complimentary consultation to  help you decide if rhinoplasty surgery is right for  you.

You should be aware that a nose job is a very common cosmetic treatment that is used to treat the nose.  Commonly, the treatment is used to resize as well as to improve the nose’s proportions to your face. The surgery is additionally performed to enhance breathing concerns that some individuals may encounter as a result of a damaged septum.

Typically the surgery is used to correct the following situations:

Flared or large nostrils;

A nose that is not symmetrical;Nose Job Cost

A bumpy nose;

Large nose that is not the correct size on one’s face;

Overall wide nose.

It’s important to know that every person’s face is unbalanced in some way, so rhinoplasty surgery ought to be considered when it makes sense to provide a much more balanced appearance to someone’s face which includes the nose.  Read on to learn more about Atlanta nose job surgery.

What is Involved in a Nose Job Procedure in Atlanta?

In most rhinoplasties, you’ll be put under with general anesthesia so that you are asleep during the procedure.  Next your nose specialist will generally get to the cartilage material by getting in either through the nostrils or by making a laceration on the outside of the nose. The procedure is normally done in a cosmetic surgeon’s office on an outpatient basis with only local anesthesia, which means that the patient can return home on the same day when the rhinoplasty is performed.


The standard technique includes the splitting up of the skin from the underlying tissue and cartilage material. The cartilage is conveniently formed for augmentation, depending upon the patient’s needs. A basic rhinoplasty procedure is completed within two hours, with more complex contouring taking a bit much longer. Once the nose has been altered into the desired shape, the skin is put back on top of the cartilage and sutured. A splint will be required for the initial week in order to give support to the recently reshaped nose.


Who is the Right Candidate for Nose Job Treatment?

You may be wondering if you are a good candidate for a rhinoplasty.  As you may know, getting a nose job is a personal decision.  Your choice to get the surgery is entirely up to you, however, you need to ensure if you are an eligible patient.

To be considered for an Atlanta rhinoplasty surgical procedure, you should be in in good health physically and also psychologically.  In addition, an ideal patient will be free from any kind of heart condition and lung problems which means if you are not a smoker then you could be the ideal candidate.

Potential patients should of course, have a reasonable expectation for the nose job procedure.  This will help you post-treatment as the recovery process could take several week and months.  When you seen your nose job doctor, they will definitely perform a physical, along with a mental/emotional examination to recognize if this therapy could offer you what you are seeking.   So it is important that you be totally straightforward with your Atlanta rhinoplasty doctor.  Failing to do so can result in a poor outcome, along with the danger for problems during and post rhinoplasty surgery.

How Much Does a Nose Surgery Cost in Atlanta?

If you’re considering a rhinoplasty, a typical question might include how much will a nose job cost?  The short answer is that it will vary on a few factors such as the overall experience of the doctor, the city you are living in, and incidental expenses associated with the surgery.  Generally speaking, you should budget between five to seven thousand dollars for a rhinoplasty surgery.  This is consistent with several associations which suggest an median price of six thousand dollars.

Make sure to speak with your Atlanta rhinoplasty surgeon who may offer ways to pay for your surgery.  This may be necessary given that insurance will not likely carrAtlanta rhinoplasty y the cost of your nose job.

Risks Connected with a Rhinoplasty

As with most surgeries there are specific risks and possible difficulties with a nose job treatment.  For instance, you may experience an adverse reaction to the anesthetic.  You may also encounter numbness and swelling around the nose, eyes, and other areas of the face.  Sometimes, patients have indicated that they experience headaches after the surgery.  All of these symptoms are completely normal and should be anticipated after your rhinoplasty surgery.

It is vital that when you speak to your rhinoplasty surgeon in Atlanta, that you discuss all of the possible risks and post-surgery side effects.  This will help prepare you for the procedure and help provide some context after the surgery has been conducted.

Healing Time For a Nose Job

Post-surgery, your Atlanta rhinoplasty surgeon will certainly advise that you take at the very least one week off from your job as well as your normal routine.  After the initial 2 weeks you will certainly start to see a  recognizable change in the appearance and shape of your nose, in addition to breathing a lot better.  Bruising around the nose for the first few weeks is typical and you will be asked to wear a nose splint to ensure that the nose is healing correctly.

As your nose heals following rhinoplasty surgery, it is vital that you remain positive and focused on the longer term.  Remember that you undertook this procedure to see a change and you need to be aware that the results could take numerous months for the swelling to completely dissipate from the nose.  Your brand-new nose will gradually take its new form as the swelling minimizes gradually.  Be patient and let nature take its course with the healing process.

Eight Important Questions for Your Atlanta Rhinoplasty Surgeon

It is essential that you find a reliable nose job doctor that you can trust and someone who gets what it is that you are looking for.  Therefore, it is important that you ask a variety of questions to get to know your surgeon better.  Here are four simple questions that you should ask your surgeon once you meet he or she:

1)      What type of training and clinical experience do they have with the treatment?

2)      Where do they perform the procedure?

3)      Can they provide photos and testimonials from former patients?

4)      Are they board-certified with a plastic surgery association?


In addition to these questions, it will also be important to ask questions about the surgery.  This will help you better understand the procedure itself and any associated risks.  Here are four other questions that you should ask your rhinoplasty doctor:


1)      What are the inherent risks with the procedure (during and post-surgery)?

2)      What is the overall cost of the treatment that should be budgeted?

3)      Will there be any marks/scarring from the surgery?  Will it go away?

4)      What is the expected recovery time from the treatment? When can you go back to work?Rhinoplasty surgery in Atlanta


In short, it is beneficial that you find a nose job specialist that has a favorable performance history with numerous aesthetic treatments.   For further information you want to get more information from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery or the Georgia Medical Board or from the City of Atlanta.  Call us as well and we can place you with the leading Atlanta rhinoplasty doctors.


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