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Thinking about having a nose job in Dallas?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  A rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to inform you about the details of the treatment.  In short, a nose job, technically referred to as a rhinoplasty, is a standard cosmetic procedure that reshapes and re-sizes the nose and helps to correct breathing issues.

Like most people you likely have a number of questions regarding a rhinoplasty procedure. Make sure you see a nose job specialist in Dallas, TX who will be able to address all of your concerns.  Call us for a free consultation.

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If you are looking for a Dallas rhinoplasty surgeon we are happy to say that we have you covered.  A nose job, or known as a rhinoplasty in the medical community,  is a fairly routine treatment performed by a cosmetic specialist.  The surgery often takes a few hours and can help to correct the following:


  • Deviated Septum;
  • Large or irregular nose;
  • Flared nostrils;
  • Bumps and other items related to the nose.

Sometimes, nose surgery is performed to assist with correcting breathing that people may have.  Remember, when you are looking for the right cosmetic surgeon, ensure that they are certified from a medical board.  Fortunately, we can help you find the best doctor that is right for you.  Contact us today and receive a free consultation with a specialist in your area.

What is a Nose Job Procedure?

In most rhinoplasties, you’ll be put under with general anesthesia so that you are asleep during the procedure.  Next your nose specialist will generally get to the cartilage material by getting in either through the nostrils or by making a laceration on the outside of the nose. The procedure is normally done in a cosmetic surgeon’s office on an outpatient basis with only local anesthesia, which means that the patient can return home on the same day when the rhinoplasty is performed.


The standard technique includes the splitting up of the skin from the underlying tissue and cartilage material. The cartilage is conveniently formed for augmentation, depending upon the patient’s needs. A basic rhinoplasty procedure is completed within two hours, with more complex contouring taking a bit much longer. Once the nose has been altered into the desired shape, the skin is put back on top of the cartilage and sutured. A splint will be required for the initial week in order to give support to the recently reshaped nose.


Who Is Right For Rhinoplasty Surgery?

If you are unhappy with the size and shape of your nose, it is likely that you may consider rhinoplasty surgery.  So are you the right candidate for a nose job procedure?  In order to be considered, you will need to generally be in good physical and psychological shape.  Moreover, an excellent candidate ought to additionally be free of any type of heart and lung disease.

Individuals that satisfy the previously mentioned criteria will be the most likely to have a favorable rhinoplasty treatment.  During your initial analysis with a Dallas nose surgery specialist, they will carry out a  physical and emotional evaluation to  test and identify if you are the right candidate for a nose job.  It is therefore, very important that you speak frankly with your Dallas rhinoplasty surgeon about your expectations and your overall health in order to ensure a safe procedure.

What Does it Cost in Dallas for a Rhinoplasty?

According to most  plastic surgery organizations, having a nose job procedure will cost $6,000 on average.   The price will certainly vary based on numerous variables such as the skill as well as experience of the physician, the size of the city you are in, the type of therapy needed, and also extra costs related to the surgery.  Generally, you should anticipate to budget between $5,000– $7,000 for a rhinoplasty.

While this may be an expensive procedure for some people, fortunately many nose job surgeons today offer credit options to help fund their treatment.  This is why it is important to speak with your doctor who can financially assist with your rhinoplasty.  Contact us and we can help you find the best doctor for your needs.

Possible Complications Associated With a Dallas Nose Job

With most operations, there could be potential dangers and difficulties associated with the procedure, in this case, a rhinoplasty.  Most patients who undergo nose job surgery will experience one of several of the following:


1)      Negative response to anesthetic

2)      Minor swelling and possible bruising around the eyes and nose

3)      Migraine headaches

4)      Bleeding and stiffness around the nose.Rhinoplasty Dallas

Ensure that you speak with your plastic surgeon to see if you are at vulnerable to any of the above issues.  An experienced rhinoplasty doctor in Dallas will be able to review this possible complications with you sot that you are informed about the procedure and risks in advance.


Dallas Rhinoplasty – What is the Recovery Time?

The recovery period from rhinoplasty surgery varies from person to person.  It is a safe bet to assume that the first couple of weeks will be the most intensive where you should anticipate to see noticeable wounding and swelling bordering the nose and eyes.   During the initial 2 week period you should also expect that it might be difficult to breath as your nose heals.

Your Dallas nose job physician will prescribe pain medication to assist with the healing and will likely suggest that you take at the very least one week off from you job.  After the initial 2 weeks you will begin to feel better and will start to see an improvement in your breathing and the look of your new face.

It is important to remember that it might take numerous months for the swelling to completely dissipate from the face. Your new nose will gradually take its shape as the swelling minimizes with time so stay positive and envision your nose in the weeks ahead.


Eight Important Questions for Your Dallas Rhinoplasty Surgeon

It is essential that you find a reliable nose job doctor that you can trust and someone who gets what it is that you are looking for.  Therefore, it is important that you ask a variety of questions to get to know your surgeon better.  Here are four simple questions that you should ask your surgeon once you meet he or she:


1)      What type of training and clinical experience do they have with the treatment?

2)      Where do they perform the procedure?

3)      Can they provide photos and testimonials from former patients?

4)      Are they board-certified with a plastic surgery association?


In addition to these questions, it will also be important to ask questions about the surgery.  This will help you better understand the procedure itself and any associated risks.  Here are four other questions that you should ask your rhinoplasty doctor:


1)      What are the inherent risks with the procedure (during and post-surgery)?

2)      What is the overall cost of the treatment that should be budgeted?

3)      Will there be any marks/scarring from the surgery?  Will it go away?

4)      What is the expected recovery time from the treatment? When can you go back to work?Rhinoplasty Cost in Dallas

In short, it is beneficial that you find a nose job specialist in Dallas that has a favorable performance history with numerous aesthetic treatments.   For further information you may also want to get more information from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery or the Texas Medical Board or from the City of Dallas.

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