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Your Miami rhinoplasty specialist will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for nose surgery.  Your surgeon will certainly inform you that nose job surgery, additionally described as a rhinoplasty procedure, is a fairly routine procedure that seeks to reshape the nose.  Sometimes, the treatment is used to improve your self-image and corrects breathing troubles that certain people may have.

If you’re thinking about a nose job procedure, you will likely have a variety of inquiries.  The good news is that we have actually gathered some of the most regularly questions rhinoplasty treatment. Please feel free to read them and always ensure to speak with your rhinoplasty doctor in Miami prior to going through treatment.

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In Need of the Top Rhinoplasty Physician in Miami?

If you are requiring rhinoplasty surgery in Miami then you have come to the right place.  Rhinoplasty, is a very common plastic surgery treatment that is performed to re-shape and re-size the appearance of the nose.  It typically is conducted when one or more of the following is present:

I) Large and/or flared nostrils;

II) Disproportionate nose on the face;

III) Bumps or depressions on the nose;

IV) Large and irregular shaped nose.

Nose job surgery will seek to improve the overall look of the nose and will provide your face with a more balanced appearance.  Make sure that you seek out a board-approved medical professional who specializes in nose job treatment.  Call us and we will give you the best information to make an informed decision.  Continue reading to learn more about rhinoplasty surgical treatment.

Rhinoplasty Miami

Who Is A Good Prospect for a Nose Job Procedure?

In order to be taken into consideration for rhinoplasty surgery, It is vital that you have a realistic expectation of the outcome of the procedure.  Furthermore, people should generally be in good health physically as well as emotionally. A perfect prospect should likewise be totally free of any type of heart problems as well as lung problems and ideally are non-smokers.

Clients who please the aforementioned assumptions are one of one of the most likely to have a positive nose job treatment. Throughout your preliminary assessment with a rhinoplasty surgeon, she or he will definitely perform a physical, along with a mental/emotional tests to recognize if this therapy can provide you just what you are trying to find.  So make sure to be entirely honest with your physician. Failing to do so could result in a disappointing outcome, along with a higher capacity for problems and/or dangers.  At the end of the day, a rhinoplasty is an individual choice and you need to be comfortable with the procedure, so work with your Miami cosmetic surgeon to help make your feel comfortable.

Nose Job Cost in Miami

Getting plastic surgery can be expensive.  The median price of a rhinoplasty is around six thousand dollars but of course it could vary depending on the skill of your doctor and the incidentals for the surgery.  It would be a good practice to budget around 5000 to 7000 dollars for your treatment.  This amount will typically cover the majority of the costs for a nose job.  Speak to your Miami nose job doctor who may offer options to pay for the procedure over installments.  This may help you cover the cost so that you get the treatment that your deserve.

Risks Associated With A Miami Rhinoplasty Procedure

In order to make an informed decision about having a nose job, it is crucial that you are aware of the possible risks.  As with many operations, you may encounter some adverse reactions.  Found below of several of the most common:


  1. a) unfavorable reaction to the anesthetic,
  2. b) Numbness around the nose area,
  3. c) Migraine headaches,
  4. d) Bruising around the eyes as well as the nose.

To discover if you are at vulnerable to any of the above issues, be certain to speak with your Miami rhinoplasty surgeon who is trained to carry out the treatment.   Understanding the potential issues upfront will help you and could decrease the risk of future issues.Miami Nose Job Cost



Healing Time From a Nose Job in Miami

Post-surgery, your rhinoplasty surgeon will certainly advise that you take at the very least one week off from your job as well as your normal routine.  After the initial 2 weeks you will certainly start to see a  recognizable change in the appearance and shape of your nose, in addition to breathing a lot better.  Bruising around the nose for the first few weeks is typical and you will be asked to wear a nose splint to ensure that the nose is healing correctly.


As your nose heals following rhinoplasty surgery, it is vital that you remain positive and focused on the longer term.  Remember that you undertook this procedure to see a change and you need to be aware that the results could take numerous months for the swelling to completely dissipate from the nose.  Your brand-new nose will gradually take its new form as the swelling minimizes gradually.  Be patient and let nature take its course with the healing process.


Your Rhinoplasty Doctor Interview in Miami

When you finally decide to sit down with you Miami rhinoplasty doctor, it is important that you ask them questions about their qualifications.  Since you will spending time with your doctor during treatment, you need to feel at ease that your doctor knows your objectives and that you trust your doctor.  One of the first questions you should ask your nose job doctor is if they are accredited by an approved cosmetic surgery board?  In addition, you should be curious about their training and the area that they specialize in.  Sometimes it might also be a good idea to touch base with former clients to learn about their experience.  Once you have established a sound comfort level with your doctor, you should dig deeper into the procedure.  For example you should ask:


  1. Will the surgery leave any noticeable scarring?
  2. Can you see any before-and-after pictures?
  3. Is there a certain technique that should be used for the procedure?
  4. Am I the right candidate for the surgery?
  5. What are the possible risks for the surgery?
  6. What kind of cost can I expect for the whole treatment?

Rhinoplasty nose diagram

Apart from these questions you may have some of your own.  You may also want to get more information from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery or the Florida Medical Board or from the City of Miami.  Given that a nose job is an invasive procedure, take your time to find the right rhinoplasty surgeon for you in Miami.  Contact us and we can place you with the best plastic surgeons that will meet your needs.

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