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Rhinoplasty Ottawa

Are you thinking about a rhinoplasty procedure in Ottawa?  A rhinoplasty surgeon, also known as a nose job doctor, will be able to help educate you about nose surgery.  In short, a rhinoplasty is a very typical procedure that seeks to reshape the nose by decreasing or boosting the dimension and appearance of the nose and is even used to assist people who have breathing troubles.  If you are self-conscious about your appearance, a nose job could assist to improve your total self-image.


It is important to read some of the most common concerns about rhinoplasty below.  Always ensure to speak to a qualified nose job specialist in Ottawa before you receive treatment.


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Seeking a Nose Job Surgeon in Ottawa ON

Most individuals that seek nose job treatment need to fix one or more of the following:

  • A large nose that is not symmetrical to their face;
  • A side nose;
  • Bumps or impressions on the nose;
  • Flared or big nostrils.

A rhinoplasty will help to correct many of the symptoms listed above.  Your Ottawa nose job specialist will be able to determine the best options that will be right for you.  The treatment is even used on individuals who may have experienced breathing issues as a result of broken septum.

It’s important to note that everybody has some sort of unbalanced face.  Nose job surgery will be able to correct any imperfections that you may have.  A certified rhinoplasty surgeon in Ottawa will help you decide on the treatment that will yield the best results.  Continue reading to learn more information about this important procedure.

Ottawa Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Who is the Right Candidate for Ottawa Nose Job Treatment?

You may be wondering if you are a good candidate for a rhinoplasty.  As you may know, getting a nose job is a personal decision.  Your choice to get the surgery is entirely up to you, however, you need to ensure if you are an eligible patient.

To be considered for a  rhinoplasty surgical procedure, you should be in in good health physically and also psychologically.  In addition, an ideal patient will be free from any kind of heart condition and lung problems which means if you are not a smoker then you could be the ideal candidate.

Potential patients should of course, have a reasonable expectation for the nose job procedure.  This will help you post-treatment as the recovery process could take several week and months.  When you seen your nose job doctor, they will definitely perform a physical, along with a mental/emotional examination to recognize if this therapy could offer you what you are seeking.   So it is important that you be totally straightforward with your Ottawa rhinoplasty doctor.  Failing to do so can result in a poor outcome, along with the danger for problems during and post rhinoplasty surgery.


How Much Will You Spend On a Nose Job in Ottawa?

As with most cosmetic procedures the price you spend on a rhinoplasty could vary.  Depending on where you live, the skill of your surgeon, and the supplementary costs for your procedure you may want to save around five to seven thousand dollars for a nose job surgery.  This is in line with an average price of around $6,000 which most cosmetic boards suggest for this type of surgery.  You may want to consult with your Ottawa plastic surgeon on funding alternatives as some doctors do provide this as a service given the high cost of a nose job procedure.

Threats Connected with a Rhinoplasty Surgery in Ottawa

Prior to your rhinoplasty procedure, you should speak with your nose job surgeon about the possible threats connected with the surgery.   For the majority of people, they won’t have any major issues, but there will be some people who may have an adverse reaction to the treatment.  For some, they may encounter difficulties with the anesthetic, bruising around the eyes and nose, and could also experience headaches and stiffness in the neck.   In general, a rhinoplasty is low risk but please ensure that you have a frank discussion with your doctor so that you are educated about the risks prior to the surgery as it is important to know to help you make an informed decision.

Exactly What is the Healing Time for a Ottawa Rhinoplasty?

Following rhinoplasty surgery, your medical doctor will be able to provide some advice on how to care for you and your new nose.  Specifically, he or she will prescribe medication to deal with any pain that you might encounter over the coming weeks.  You will also realize that it may be difficult to breath during the first few weeks.

The overall healing time from a nose job will differ by each individual case.  As a whole, the outcome of your rhinoplasty in Ottawa will appear in stages over numerous weeks and even months post-surgery.  You will likely have a bandage on your nose for the initial 14 days to help your nose heal properly.  During the first few weeks you may also find it challenging to breath.  Remember, it might take numerous months for the swelling to fully dissipate from the nose area. Your brand-new nose will gradually take its new form/shape as the swelling reduces over time, so therefore, it is very important that you stay positive.

Your  Ottawa Nose Job  Consultation

Having any type of surgery is serious business, so it makes sense that you take the time to meet your Ottawa rhinoplasty doctor.  Selecting a board-certified surgeon is a good first step as this suggests that they have the necessary training to perform  the procedure.  During your consultation you may want to ask them several questions about their training and overall experience performing the surgery.  Furthermore, you want to inquire about where the procedure will take place and if they have before and after photos from previous nose jobs that you can see.

It’s also important that you select a nose job surgeon who meets your needs and understands your goals.  You should not always select the surgeon who is the most inexpensive but rather ensure it is a doctor that you can trust.  To further help your consultation, you may also consider these questions:

  • Can I have rhinoplasty surgery?
  • What technique will you use for my nose job surgery?
  • What kind of extra expenses are there for this surgery?
  • How long is the healing period and when can I resume normal activities?
  • What are the threats and dangers associated with the procedure?
  • Do I have any options if the nose job procedure  does not yield the results that I am looking for?
  • What type of anesthetic do you recommend?
  • Do you have former patients that I can speaking with?

Considering that a nose job is a major procedure, it is extremely important to select the most cosmetic surgeon that is appropriate for you as you will be spending some time with them.  For even more information you may also consult with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery or the Ontario Doctors Board.  Call us and we will connect you with a rhinoplasty surgeon in Ottawa.


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