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If you suffer from breathing problems or have an imperfect nose, then you may want to consult with a rhinoplasty surgeon in San Diego.  Your doctor will inform you if a rhinoplasty, more commonly called a nose job, is the right treatment for you.  In short, the treatment aims to resize and re-shape the nose and works to correct any breathing problems that you might have.  If you are considering this procedure, it is important that you speak with a rhinoplasty surgeon in San Diego CA that is qualified to conduct the treatment. Please read below some of the most commonly asked questions regarding a rhinoplasty.

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A nose job is a very common cosmetic treatment that is utilized to deal with the nose. Usually, the treatment is used to resize as well as to improve the nose.  The surgical procedure is additionally conducted to boost breathing concerns that some individuals may encounter as a result of a damaged  septum.

Rhinoplasty treatment will help fix an irregular or bumpy nose, as well as nostrils that are disproportionate.  Fortunately, we have a nose job doctor in your area that specializes in this type of treatment.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about rhinoplasty surgery in San Diego and let us get the right doctor for you.Rhinoplasty San Diego CA


Who is a Good Prospect for Rhinoplasty in San Diego?

Chances are if you are not satisfied with the look and size of your nose, you might be considering a nose job.  So, who is a good prospect for rhinoplasty?  The short answer is that most people are suitable candidates so long as you are in good mental and physical health.  If you are a smoker, you should be advised not to smoke at least seven weeks prior and post-surgery to avoid any complications during the healing process.

When you meet with your San Diego rhinoplasty doctor, he or she will conduct an evaluation on your mental state ensuring that you will be able to handle the procedure.  In addition, your doctor will review your physical health and will ask you question about how you feel and if there are any pre-existing conditions that they should be aware of.  During this examination, it is vital that you are frank with your nose job doctor about your health to avoid any future issues.



How Much Does a Nose Job Cost in San Diego, CA?

A nose job will certainly vary in price based upon numerous variables such as the experience of the doctor, the size of the city you are from, and also extra costs related to the surgery.  As a whole, you could anticipate to spend in between $5,000– $7,000 for a rhinoplasty.  This figure is in line with various  plastic surgery associations, who recommend an average cost of six thousand dollars.   Many surgeons today offer financing for certain procedures.  Contact us and we will put you in touch with a board-certified surgeon in San Diego that will meet your nose job treatment and financial needs.


Rhinoplasty – Risks To Consider

With many operations, there are specific dangers and also complications connected with a nose job.  Overall, the risks are low but it is important that you are educated about the possible issues.  For example, during the surgery some patients make experience an adverse reaction to the anesthetic.  For others, they will encounter bruising and swelling in the face, notably around the nose and eyes.  Others still may encounter headaches and numbness.  All of this is typical post surgery and your rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to describe the risks and ways that you can deal with each symptom.  Please ensure you speak with a qualified doctor who can help you during your treatment.  Better still, contact us and we will provide you with a board-certified surgeon pNose Job Bandageractices safe rhinoplasty.

Nose Job Recovery Time

Prior to your nose job treatment, your San Diego rhinoplasty surgeon will suggest that you take at least 1 week from work following the procedure.  This is so that you go home and rest and ensure that the healing process can begin.  During the first two weeks you can expect to see swelling and bruising in and around the eyes and nose.  This, of course, will go with time but you should be aware that you might look a bit strange with the bruising.  Your doctor will likely give you a prescription for pain medication to help with the swelling and possible breathing issues.   On average, it will likely take several months for the all of the swelling in the face to completely disappear.  During this period, you should witness week to week improvements and should be thinking about the positive results that you will see in the months to come.

Consultation Questions For Your San Diego Rhinoplasty Specialist

When you are ready to meet with your nose job doctor, make sure that you look up the following resources from the American Academy of Plastic surgery or the Texas Medical Board or from the City of Houston.  These will help provide some background information related to the surgery.

You should also address questions about your surgeon’s credentials.  In doing so you should ask him or her:


a) Do they have sufficient training and clinical experience with the treatment?

b) Are they licensed by an approved cosmetic surgery board?

c) Will the treatment be conducted in a risk-free clinical center?

d) Do they specialize on nose job surgery surgical treatment?


In addition, you should inquire about the rhinoplasty procedure.  Knowing the risks and the steps will help put your mind at ease.  Therefore, it is vital that you consider asking them the following:


e) Do they have before and after photos of the surgery from other patients?

f) What kind of anesthetic do you suggest for me?

g) In my circumstances, exactly how will the surgical treatment be done? Which technique?

h) Exactly what will be the expenses be associated with my surgical treatment?

i) Specifically exactly what are the risks and concerns associated with my therapy?Rhinoplasty before and after

j) Simply just how are problems dealt with?

k) What type of healing period can I prepare for when can I go back to regular tasks?


Considering that a rhinoplasty is a major procedure, selecting the right San Diego nose job doctor is important.  Let us help you pick a top rhinoplasty specialist that will help meet your goals.  Call us today.

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